Transfer your old analog video tapes to DVD or files. Many VHS video tapes are beginning to show the signs of age. As tapes age they can break, stick together or start to degrade; all of which impacts the quality and longevity of your videos. Our video transfer service transfers your video tapes to DVD or file so you no longer have to worry about your aging media. Files can be delivered on USB thumb drive, or downloaded from our servers.

We transfer

VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, Mini DV, Mini DVD, Camera hard drive, Camera DVD, in the NTSC format only.

8mm and Super 8 Silent Film, and Photos.

Tape to DVD or file.

 $15.00 per hour of video.

Includes slim hard case.

$15.00 per tape minimum.

Camera DV and camera DVD to file $20.00per disc

Transfers to file are $8.50 per tape additional

Flash drives are $15.00 ea.

Tape repair $25.00

Super8 Silent & 8mm Film

$ 0.35 per foot

Frame by frame (transfer only)

Delivered on USB drive orDVD


$10.00 per DVD or $15 per USB drive.

Quantity discount pricing available.

Camera DV and camera DVD to file


$2.50 per photo & $5.00 per song

Includes any photo scanning, color correction, and production.

Digital Video Editing

$65 per hour

Additional fees apply based on chosen delivery method.

All orders are subject to a $25.00 minimum charge.

Cash,Check, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, only.

No Credit Cards Accepted

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